ACT National Board Elections

Nominations Open June 11 for ACT National Board of Directors

The ACT National Board of Directors is a prestigious group of professionals from across the nation that act as the governing body for ACT.  The board meets regularly (4 in-person and 4 teleconference) during the year to provide strategic direction for the organization.  The national board includes the officers and two groups of At-Large Directors (half elected in even years and half in odd years).

National board members are expected to attend (in-person or via phone) each meeting, participate in ACT events, assist with membership recruitment and other activities, and promote ACT as the premier organization for TDM professionals, employers, and other organizations.  Board members are also expected to actively participate on at least one Board Committee (Finance, Governance, Membership, Professional Development, Programs & Events, or Public Policy).  Board members typically spend 1-2 hours per month on Board related activities. 

To submit your nomination, please complete the following Candidate Qualification Statement.  All nominations must be received by July 12, 2019 (11:59pm est). Please review ACT’s Bylaws, Policies & Procedures, and Conflict of Interest which include detailed information on ACT’s nomination and elections process, in advance of nominating yourself.

Nominations are open for the following positions:

At-Large Director (6 positions): two-year term expiring December 31, 2021

The elections process provides every member with two excellent opportunities to become involved in the Association. One is by running for a position; the other is by voting in the election. As a volunteer organization, ACT members’ active leadership and participation is critical to our ongoing success.

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Volunteer Leadership

The ACT board of directors includes the officers, directors at large and directors elected by chapter area. Please note that all ACT’s board positions are volunteerunpaid posts. The board has the ultimate responsibility for the direction, decisions, and all aspects of responsibility of the entire Association—including chapters, councils, committees and task forces. Each board member’s service is highly appreciated, but is not compensated.

Board Election

Board members are elected to two-year terms. Directors at large and directors elected by chapter area may be elected to three consecutive terms of office of two years each; provided, however, that no director shall serve on the board for more than six (6) consecutive years, unless serving as an officer or immediate past president.

Criteria for Nomination

Nominees must satisfy all of the criteria listed below in order to be placed on the official ballot. The Bylaws and Elections Committee will determine compliance with these criteria.

  • All nominees must submit a fully completed Self-Nomination Form and a Candidate Qualifications Statement. Nominations must be submitted online no later than 11:59pm Eastern on July 12, 2019 in order to be accepted. 
  • By completing this Self-Nomination Form and submitting it to ACT National headquarters, the nominee is stating that he/she will be able to participate in a manner appropriate to the position and has the financial resources to do so. ACT does not pay travel, meals, and lodging expenses to board meetings.
  • It is important and highly recommended that a nominee’s employer support and understand the responsibilities of an ACT board member.
  • The ACT board meets in person four times annually. These meetings are held in the winter, spring during the Emerging Mobility Summit, during the ACT International Conference, and in the Fall at the TDM Forum. Board members are required to attend (in person or by teleconference) three out of the four meetings each year, or may request absence with an excuse. Should electronic means of communication consistent with the bylaws not be available for a board meeting, a board member will be automatically excused if they are not in attendance. Board members who are absent from a board meeting without being excused will be sent a warning letter. After two unexcused absences from a board meeting, the board member will be brought to the attention of the Executive Committee and may be removed from the board of directors.
  • Up to four board conference calls are scheduled each year. Board members are required to participate in three of the four scheduled board conference calls. Board members who are absent from three board conference calls without being excused will be sent a warning. After three unexcused absences from board conference calls, the board member will be brought to the attention of the Executive Committee and may be removed from the board of directors.
  • Board meeting and board conference call dates for 2020 will be established and announced during the December 2019 board meeting but are typically scheduled for the second Monday of the month at 1:00pm (eastern time) for teleconference meetings and the day prior to the start of each conference/event for in-person meetings.  The winter meeting will be held February 4, 2020 in Walt Disney World.
  • All nominees must be ACT members in good standing on the date their nomination form is submitted to ACT National headquarters.
  • A nominee for a position to be elected from a chapter area position must have a primary business address located in the chapter area.
  • A nominee must sign and submit the Conflict of Interest Statement included in this packet. Because ACT pays “directors and officers insurance” for all board members, this is a requirement. Statements signed by nominees who are not elected will be destroyed following the election.
  • A nominee must read, understand, and agree to be bound by the ACT bylaws and policies and procedures. (Note: Links to these PDF documents are available on the Governance page of the ACT website under Governing Documents.)

All nominees will receive an email confirming that their nomination has been successfully submitted via the online form, subject to review and approval of the Bylaws & Elections Committee. Official notification confirming the nominee’s eligibility to stand for election will be sent via email by ACT’s executive director on behalf of the Bylaws & Elections Committee on or before July 19, 2010. However, candidates are responsible for checking that all required materials have been received by the ACT National office.

In the event that no nominations are received for a board position, the Governance Committee will solicit nominees to stand for election. Vacancies will not be filled by Board appointment and will remain vacant until the next election cycle.

Campaign Statements

Nominees must provide a Candidate Qualifications Statement as part of the online nomination form. No additional written campaign statements or materials may be distributed by any candidate.
Nominees who provide a Candidate Qualifications Statement must adhere to the guidelines for Qualifications Statements as outlined in the Election Procedures.
ACT will provide Qualifications Statements with the election ballot. Additional campaign materials may not be distributed by any candidate. Failure to comply with this rule will invalidate a nomination or a nominee’s subsequent election.
Click here for information on ACT’s Campaign Policies.


Official ballots, including Candidate Qualifications Statements, will be made available electronically via the online voting process, and a notification with voting instructions will be emailed to all eligible voters on August 14, 2018. Ballots must be submitted online only (no facsimile or mailed votes), and must be submitted no later than September 13, 2019, 11:59 pm (Eastern). The Governance Committee will confirm election results.
In the case of a tie, nominees will be asked if they would consider withdrawing. If a tie still exists, the Governance Committee will conduct a fair and impartial coin toss.

Eligible Voters

All ACT members in good standing as of June 10, 2019, are eligible to vote.

Additional Information

An official announcement to the membership of the newly elected board members will be made no later than September 30, 2019.
All questions related to the election process should be directed to ACT National headquarters (; 202-792-5801). No election information will be released to the membership prior to the official announcement.


June 11, 2019: Deadline for voting eligibility
June 11, 2019Nomination and election information emailed to all members.
July 12, 2019Deadline for submission of Self-Nomination Forms and Candidate Qualification Statements via SurveyMonkey, and Conflict of Interest Statements (must be received at ACT headquarters by 11:59pm Eastern).
July 19, 2019: Nominees notified of receipt and acceptance of nomination form. (Nominees are responsible for contacting ACT headquarters to confirm receipt.)
August 14, 2019: Official ballots and voting instructions made available to eligible voters.
September 13, 2019: Deadline for submittal of ballots. All ballots must be completed online by 11:59pm (Eastern). Official end of the election process.
September 20, 2019: Winners and losers notified. This information will remain confidential with the candidates.
September 30, 2019: Election results announced to the membership via an email notification from the executive director to all current members.

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